What you do not give your dog

Deadly Delights. Most people do not see any connection between the food you eat every day his dog, and the level of his being and health. Meanwhile, our pet’s can not eat many of the “human” treats. Some of them can not chew or digest, and the whole mass is a mere toxic. Which products […]


Seeing a name or havanais bichon havana silk dog . You have a little ” move ” in dog breeding in order to correctly identify which of biszonów we have before us . Otherwise not have the benefit of hawańczykiem . Especially rare , completely white Havanese may pose difficulty to distinguish it from the […]

Bedlington Terrier

  Historically, almost every family working in the north of England had a Bedlington Terrier – that of those times come very sophisticated epithets like ‘poodle for the poor’ or ‘comfort miner’. Fortunately, I forgot about them, and the name ‘lamb’ is still in circulation!  Born in Northumberland  The British terrier with the appearance of […]


  The representatives of the old French breed of dog , structurally , are a cross between mastiffs and Doberman . The remains of the dog skeletons 2,000 years ago unearthed in western France , to speak of a very high affinity ancestors of our hero to modern living beauceronów . The first written records […]