Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever that only partially work was scheduled culture , and partly the case in the activities of the British dog lovers , gave the beginnings of the breed golden retriever . The name ” retriever ” is derived from ” to retrieve ” – bring on searching. History says that the golden retriever is […]

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

  Crossover dog and wolf dealt with Karel Hartl from the 1955 breeding station guard Libějovice. The first attempts were unsuccessful – wolf puppies “Brita” and a German Shepherd “Caesar of Brizoveho haje” born before 26 May 1958 year. The aim then was not, however, create a new race, a biological experiment. Hartl wanted to […]

Dogo Argentino

  It is one of the few breeds that originated in South America. As in many other such cases, Dog Argentine has his creator , leader – in the person of the doctor of Cordoba – Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. He was a keen hunter which was decisive in his farming operations . The theme […]

Appenzeller Sennenhund

  Description of the breed   Appenzeller – one of the Swiss breeds , the dog of medium size, adaptable to housing, which translates over all contact with the owner. Versatile , suitable for various types of training, ideal for dog sports and passionately captures the task entrusted to him . Gladly will accompany the […]