BARBET Canis aquaticus

    HISTORY : Barbet very old French breed of hunting dogs. The history of the breed dates back to the sixteenth century when Barb was used during royal hunts . His job was finding and bringing of water and wetlands . Over time, Barbet been superseded by other rasyi almost extinct . In the […]


I still remember as a child viewed an animation of two detectives dog Droopy & Dripple-Doo. Slow, devoid of emotions, calm, sometimes sluggish, but perfectly using their sense of smell father and son-in which everyone recognizes Bassets. In race fan so grotesque exaggeration of features Basset sure to bring a smile. But there was something […]

Basset Artésien Normand

  Basset Artésien Normand  is one of the most intelligent and cheerful hounds . In addition to the primary features of a hunting dog is also a valued companion dog for the whole family . If you can live in constant contact with the owner , it will be the happiest . This dog loves […]