BASSET Griffon Vendeen

  To start with a few lines about the name of the breed. The word ‘ basset ‘ comes from the French word ‘ bas ‘ and is referred to as ‘ small , short ‘ . Thus, as the French Basset cynologists and breeders call all (except dachshunds )  dogs . Basset Griffon Vendeen […]

St. Bernard (dog)

For several centuries, near the pass of St . Bernard , linking Switzerland and Italy , in the Augustinian monastery , grown dogs, whose job was to rescue people in the mountains, avalanches przysypanych , dying of cold. In the Alps , at an altitude of about 2500 meters above sea level, sometimes from September […]


Akbash, like Anatolian shepherd dog, native to Anatolia coming within Turkey and belongs to a group of dogs called coban kopegi. Thanks to their courage, peace of mind and confidence is a reliable protector of flocks.Akbash what the truth is quiet, but that does not mean that it is forgiving and gentle. Other animals could […]

Airedale terrier

  Airedale Terrier originates from the valley of Aire in central England . Probably made by crossing the Otterhound with sharp terrierami . This makes it suitable for hunting otters, martens, water rats , ferrets and waterfowl .Consistent selection makes Airedale terrier presents itself as a powerful and versatile utility dog . He became renowned […]