The dog doesn’t come close to the bowl

For a dog , like other animals , the food is extremely important. This ensures its survival . However, it happens that some dogs too scrupulously defend their food. When we try to get closer to the bowl, growl , and an extreme case may even bite. This problem becomes especially important when there are […]

Prepared food for dogs

In large stores you can get a lot of packaged foods, canned dog or bundles. It is well balanced and the usual high quality. Large companies, dog food, have their own laboratories, which controls the quality of the food.There are three types of ready-made food: dry, semi-dry and canned.   Dry food Despite its name, […]

Dogs Carnivores

Dogs are carnivores . Dog teeth are structured differently than human – are used for tearing and shredding the meat. They have flat surfaces for grinding grains, as is in the case of human teeth . The process of digestion begins in the stomach of a dog , and not in its mouth. All the […]

Nursery for dogs

Very good investment in the future of your dog is to take him to classes in kindergarten at the age of puppyhood . Our pet will have the opportunity to do so for fun and socialization with other dogs. He can also learn appropriate behavior when in contact with the representatives of their species.Mind puppy […]

Learning the commands “sit”

The seat is a natural position for the dog . The study of this command is a good start training. But before I proceed , make sure that the dog does not have any problems ( such as defect hips) and can easily sit down , not having any trouble with it .When we know […]