Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin (also called Japanese Chin) comes from the Far East. Apparently Korean ruler gave his boys the Japanese emperor palace. Only the most noble families could be in their possession. These dogs were kept in bamboo cages and worn in a wide kimono sleeves.In 1853 arrived in England as a gift. 27 years later, […]

Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese crested dog is a dog with a friendly disposition and lively temperament. It comes in two versions – hairy and hairless. Hairy variety is called a powder puff.Chinese crested hairless does not require special care, but you have to protect him from the cold and excessive sunlight. Often lacking teeth.Chinese Crested Dog with hair […]

Australian Silky Terrier

Australian silky terrier was created by crossing terriers brought by immigrants in Australia with Dandie Dinmont terrier.Australian silky terrier is a dog cheerful, busy, intelligent, niesprawiajÄ…cy hassle and easy to train. According to the standard should still be able to catch rats.Silky is an ideal dog for apartment if he will provide the right amount […]

Manchester terrier

    Terriers with black and tan are known in Britain since the Middle Ages. In the nineteenth century, living in Manchester breeder John Hulme associate these dogs with whippetami, resulting in the well-known to us today manchester terrier.Currently manchester terriers spread throughout Europe and North America. This dog is not easy to drive, it […]

Miniature Pinscher

The breed is now commonly referred to as ratlerkiem. It is a miniature copy of the Doberman. It was established in the late nineteenth century, and its ancestor was not doberman pinscher but Shorthair.Miniature Pinschers were bred by breeders with puppies German Pinscher medium. Chosen the smallest items, and eventually received a puppy shorter than […]